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We help you build the teams that build the church by providing customizable staff & volunteer teachings from leaders at some of the Largest & Fastest Growing Churches.

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We give you the gift of time!

You barely have time to prepare amazing messages on Sunday. How are you supposed to have enough time to prepare inspiring leadership content for your teams during the week? Welcome to Lead on Monday!

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We Provide an All Access Pass to What Leaders Are Teaching Their Teams Behind Closed Doors


This isn't the stuff you can find online or at the latest conference. These are the behind the scenes teachings you've always wanted but have never had access to.
Until now! 

Completely Customizable

Did a teaching spark an idea you want to run with? Go for it! Want to combine two teachings into one? Do it! We want your team and church to grow! Whether you have 100's of paid staff or just a few volunteers - Lead On Monday is for you! 

REAL Practical

These are REAL Teachings from Real Pastors given to Real Teams at Real Churches! These aren't theoretical teachings that sound good but haven't been tested. These will help fuel momentum and growth. We know because they already have!

Ever wondered how some Pastors come up with such consistently great content?

Many pay at least $12,000+ a year for a research assistant in order to receive the extra help. Most don’t have the that kind of budget. Great leaders have help so they can lead at a higher level. Now, because of Lead on Monday - you can too!


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